Actually is a long story…

NaturOrange trees experience a rekindled life season after season, but the truth is that there is a long story behind every one of their branches. It all started back in the 60s: Kiko’s grandparents (Kiko is one of our online store managers) bought a part of the land that comprises our current estate. The land – a dry land, covered with carob trees – was mostly rocky ground. Over a period of nearly ten years, many weekend paellas and many more visits paid to the area in an old farm cart helped our orange grove start to take shape.

At the beginning of the 70s, wells were built in a nearby ranch and water finally reached El Pedregal estate.The first orange trees were planted and they started to give fruit fairly quickly in Náquera’s benevolent sun. Today, we are surrounded by hundreds of orange trees that know what they’re doing, after giving the best Valencian oranges and mandarins for 30 years. New generations brought along new ideas; technology and logistics made it possible for El Pedregal to deliver top quality production to all corners of Spain and beyond.

P1120634The Internet is the main means of contact between people and companies worldwide.Thus, over a year ago Fran and Kiko gave a new touch to the term agriculture and NaturOrange went online. Today, there are no limits; NaturOrange is ready to take the unique Valencian flavour to any part of Europe.

Upon looking back, we believe that the founders of El Pedregal would be proud of their hard-worked land – it is taking happiness and wholesomeness to distances unimaginable a few decades ago. Ours is an exciting journey; through NaturOrange, we are sending a whole way of understanding life to your doorstep.