Fresh oranges

Here at NaturOrange we know the difference between a good orange and an excellent one; our ancestors cultivated Valencian oranges and mandarins and we have lovingly grasped and protected this tradition. It is our commitment to bring real, fresh oranges back into the market.

We grow our oranges and mandarins on a small farm at the foot of Sierra Calderona, with the aim of producing a quality product for Europeans to enjoy without middlemen.

Fresh oranges, to us, means:

  • Picked and sent directly to your doorstep, when just ripe and ready to eat.
  • No middlemen or storage.
  • No post-harvest treatments, maturation or preservation methods.
  • No chemical treatment to artificially glisten orange peel.
  • 100% ripened in the Valencian sun.

The keys to our successful business model are: a) zero middlemen, b) an efficient shipping service.


From our trees straight to your home, a guarantee of quality

Cultivated in our own orange groves using authentically traditional methods, including vegetable based fertilizer. The fruit will arrive directly to you from our tree to your home, without intermediaries or any kind of post harvest chemical treatment. A guarantee of freshness, quality and taste.

Our oranges of top quality with fresh taste like none other in the market are all because of a revolutionary product to market business model. They are lovingly cultivated by us and our generations of experience using a natural mixture of modern agricultural and traditional methods.

We harvest each orange by hand with an expert eye. No machines are used. And only when they are authentically mature under the Valencian sun. Our fruit never spends a moment in any kind of storage facility. Because of this, we do not use any type of chemical to extend fruit life.

Vital to this is the efficient and fast delivery service we have in place to get the product to a customer’s table in quick time with optimum juicy taste and freshness. In this way it conserves all the natural vitamins and nutritional value intact. Which is so important to daily health and wellbeing.

The International Organitation for Biological and Integrated Control (IOBC) Integrated Production refers to a sustainable farming system that produces high quality food and other products by using natural resources and regulating mechanisms to replace polluting inputs. Emphasis is placed on a systems approach involving the entire farm as the basic unit, on the central role of agro-ecosystems, on balanced nutrient cycles, and on the welfare of all species in animal husbandry. Biological, technical and chemical methods are tuned to take into account the protection of the environment, profitability and social requirements»

On top of guaranteeing both internal and external product quality, more and more expected by an informed society, a considerable reduction in the use of pesticides, this system provides for a better management of resources.

In NATURORANGE, in addition to applying this system, we go the extra mile, using only vegetable fertilizer produced by AGRITECNO.