The best of each season

Only the best, every time. That is NaturOrange’s commitment to each and every customer. During the orange and mandarin harvest season – October through June – we select the variety that is at its finest moment every month, thus guaranteeing freshness, quality and juiciness.



  • Navelina: Nov 15th – Jan 15th. Sweet pulp, very juicy and excellent quality. It is a large, slightly oval-shaped fruit with a normal peel thickness and an intense orange colour.
  • Navel Foios: Jan 15th – Feb 28th. Its pulp has a sweet taste. One of its distinct traits is a stem located opposite the peduncle.
  • Navel Lane Late: Mar 1st – Apr 20th. Pleasant, sweet taste with a slight acidic touch and the traits of a good, wholesome orange. It gets smoother as it ripens. This variety is very juicy. It stays sweet for long periods of time, without going bitter as it may occur with other varieties.
  • Navel Chislett: Apr 20th – Jun 30th. Very sweet and juicy, this variety distinguishable by its more rounded appearance, less oval, but organoleptically the best of the varieties in existence.
  • Valencia Late (recommended only for juices): May 20th – Jun 30th. Deep colour, slightly acidic, rich in fibre and very juicy. This variety is recommended only for juicing – if you like the taste of oranges but not the texture of its flesh, Valencia Late is your choice.



  • Oronules: Oct 15th – Nov 30: With an oval shape and a thin, intense orange peel, this mandarin is a very tasty choice for either eating or juicing. It is easy to peel and has no pips.
  • Orogrande: Nov 15th – Dec 31st It has a good size and a thin peel without much essential oil. A pip-less variety, it is extremely juicy and has the lowest acid count of all varieties. It is easy to peel.
  • Clemenules: Nov 15th – Dec 31st The Queen of mandarins: good size, horizontally oval, easy to peel, pipless and rich in juice. It has a good balance between natural sugars and acids.
  • Hernandina: Jan 1st – Feb 28th A mid-sized, horizontally oval fruit. Intensely orange on the outside with green marks by orange blossom flowers. It has a sweet pulp and a high content of juice, as well as a good level of citric acid.

Dates are approximate and may vary with the weather conditions. Above all, we listen to Nature – NaturOrange selects the varieties that are their finest moment when you place your order.